Resources on the Sport of Triathlon

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Triathlon Biking and Sports Nutrition Forums
Everything you need to know about the cycling portion of a triathlon can be found here, including forums about cycling equipment, cycling training, power training, triathlon equipment reviews and classifieds. A section about health and nutrition is included, where triathletes can talk with others about various bicycling related issues. Road racing, track racing, cycling news, mountain bikes, and regional forums are also included. A great place to get first-hand advice about bicycling products and gear.

Find a Local Triathlon
When it is time to find a triathlon in your area, this website is ideal to find a triathlon. State calendars and links are offered, as well as more triathlon resources. Triathlon news and SilverMan triathlon information, as well as long distance and half distance races are noted. Results from races and more make this a comprehensive site to find a triathlon.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors and More: Reviews
Triathletes can easily use heart rate monitors to keep track of their heart rate. What's even better is that with all the pricey race equipment out there, it's good to know that you can still find a heart rate monitor for under $100, according to this article. In it are highlighted heart rate monitors, and many have extras that include stopwatches, exercise timers, clocks, settable heart zones with alarms, and backlights. Mentioned are the Polar a5 Heart Rate Monitor, Reebok Fitness Trainer Heart Rate Monitor, Cardiosport GO-10 Heart Rate Monitor and more.

Safety Tips for Beginning Triathletes
A simple guide of useful Triathlon tips is available at this website. Tips are broken into running, swimming and biking. A section of tips for triathlon beginners is also noted. Dehydration is noted as the most important factor for medical intervention during and after a triathlon, so tips for staying hydrated are included as well. Dehydration can seriously affect your physical and mental performance (even on cool days). For example, a loss of 2% in body weight through sweating causes an increase in perceived effort, and is claimed to reduce performance by 10 to 20%. A 3 to 5% loss noticeably reduces aerobic performance and impairs reaction time, judgment, concentration and decision-making. Finally tips to prevent heat stress are included.

Triathlon Basics and History of Running, Swimming and Biking Together
Learn the basics about triathlon, including a little history about the sport. Triathlon is a long-distance athletic contest of skill, endurance, timing and strategy. The sport is a test of an athlete's motivation, hard work, discipline, mental agility and willingness to push themselves. Triathlon includes three events—swimming, bicycling and running. The history of the triathlon can be traced to the San Diego Track Club in the early 1970s. The triathlon was seen as an alternative to rigorous track training.

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