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Triathlon Training to Build Endurance and Energy
If your entering a triathlon, training is a vital component to your success. This website gives triathletes triathlon training plans and running training plans. Also included is an online training system, triathlon apparel and a triathlon newsletter. A news section, as well as triathlon basics and a training center is also offered. The main goal of this website is to give endurance athletes multi-sport information and affordable, reliable performance-enhancing training solutions.

Triathlete is the website for the print magazine of the same name and is devoted to the triathletes of the world. Updated with feature stories about triathletes, as well as a race report, this website also features reviews of triathlon gear, such as bike pedals and apparel, and nutrition. A forum is available for triathletes to communicate, as well as other informative articles about being a better triathlete.

The First Triathlon
Ever wonder where triathlons - running, swimming and biking - originated from? Four years before the Ironman, the first triathlon was held on Mission Bay in San Diego. It was directed and conceived by Jack Johnstone and Don Shanahan and sponsored by the San Diego Track Club. This website on the early history of the sport tells the story of the developments that led to the first triathlon. as told by co-founder Jack Johnstone, who started running in 1971 and was eventually inducted into Triathlete Magazine's Triathlon Hall of Fame om 1998. This history of the triathlon includes many pictures and original race times.

Free Triathlon Training Tips
This website emphasizes that anyone can complete a triathlon if they take the cost-effective route to triathlon success. The key to successful training lies in doing just enough to stress your muscles, and let them rest in order to rebuild stronger. So rest becomes just as important as exercise. Alternating days of different sports becomes the best way for beginners to slowly work up to training everyday, according to the website. It includes a race check list, triathlon tricks, triathlon recovery, nutrition, triathlon planning, as well as information about running, swimming and biking. Race reports of various triathlons are included.

Triathlon Training: Running, Swimming and Cycling
This website has useful training information, as well as a free newsletter with triathlon training tips. Articles cover triathlon training and racing, swimming, running, cycling, duathlon, aquathlon, nutrition, and more. These articles are updated once a month, and offer topics such as: power cycling training, altitude training, ironman training taper, maximizing training, triathlon nutrition, triathlon psychology, cramping and stitches, triathlon plyometrics, triathlon training and hypnonatremia.

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