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Abigal Gordeon's Gardens
This site lieves up to its billing as A Comprehensive Guide to Home Grown Fruits and Vegetables. There are specific sections for many kinds of each. For fruits: blueberries, grapes, cantaloupe, pumpkins, strawberries, watermelon, as well as planting apple trees and grafting fruit trees. For vegetables: asparagus, brussels sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, onions, peppers, rhubarb, potatoes and tomatotoes. A whole section for home hydroponics covers hydroonic systems, grow lights, mediums, nutrients, ventilation and indoor pollination. The site also has articles on various topics such as understanding fertilzer lables, composting, container garders, and even Talking to Plants. A whole section of information called Preserving the Harvest contains articles on pickling, canning, freezing, making jams and jellies, and recipes for various fruits and vegetables. Other sections cover garden bests and beneficial insects.

Gardening Secrets from the UK
At first glance, this informative website might look overwhelming, but it serves as a great tool for beginning and advanced gardeners. The homepage features a gardeners diary, which contains suggestions and tips for the month. In the top left hand corner, a "seeds to plant now" column features indoor or oudoor plants that should be planted at that particular time. Flower and garden shows & events are also listed on the first page. Dig deeper and you'll find tips, projects, pruning, pests & diseases, and gallery sections.

Veggie Gardening Tips
This is a large blog-type site Featuring Gardening Tips, Organic Techniques, and Ornamental Plants for Growing Incredible Vegetable, Fruit, and Herb Gardens. It showcases current topical articles, and provides a lot of videos. The categoies are numerous. Some are general, such as beginner gardening tips, seed starting techniques, organic gardening and fertizers and pest control, which others focus on specific items such as leafy greens, root vegetables, garlic, tomatoes, and muschrooms and soil fungi. There's also a Gardening Blogroll of links to externals blogs on interesting topics such as Cold Climate Gardening and Gardening in New York City.

Southern Illinois/Indiana Gardening Tips
The gardening tips on this page are tailored to Southern Illinois, Southwest Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southeast Missouri. For instance, people in that area will learn about slug control, fall crops, perennials, cool-weather annuals, and planting perennial seed. The Waterman and Hill Traveller's Companion puts out the information on this interesting gardening site. Check out other sections such as, moon gardening, fishing almanac, cougar watch and the archive.

Add a Waterfall Garden Fountain
While you might dream of having a garden with a large pond as the focal point, for a lot of people this is not an option, either for practical or budget reasons. You don't need to settle for an outside space without a water element at all. Any type of container can be used for your garden fountain, so don't be afraid to experiment with different types for a look that is all your own. Creating a unique garden fountain doesn't end with your container; by combining an interesting array of colorful plants, you make your garden your own private retreat.

Hydroponics Systems Guide
Hydroponics spans the spectrum of growing, from amazingly simple setups that you can build from materials lying around your home to high-tech, computer-controlled super systems. You can build your own hydroponic growing system, and this site shows you how. It offers a hydroponic tutorial that includes a history of hydroponics, media-based and water culture hydroponic systems, light, nutrients and water, temperature and humidity. Beginners growing tips offer practical facts about conductivity, growing media, light, nutrients, ph and more.

Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes
This interactive website provides practical, accurate information on growing hydroponic tomatoes for students, hobbyists, and beginning growers. Hydroponic culture is one of the most exacting and intensive methods of crop production used in agriculture today. In the last two decades, there have been many advances in hydroponic technology through extensive research and development programs in the United States and Europe. And although hydroponics may be technology and capital intensive, it is also extremely productive and efficient in its water and land use. Whether you're interested in hydroponics as a hobby, an additional source of income, or you want to get into the commercial market, the future and opportunities in soil-less culture are favorable. This simple guide for growing hydroponic tomatoes aims to introduce people to the world of hydroponic gardening.

New Zealand Resource for Gardeners
Best Gardening offers a whole host of information for New Zealand gardeners. Browse this site and you'll find feature articles, design ideas, practical gardening tips, garden events, and a plant notebook. Sign up for their newsletter, check out their classifieds section and read up on various garden tasks. A special A-Z index provides a wealth of information about the website and gardening.

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