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Perform a Living Room Facelift by Focusing on the Fireplace
Beryn Hammil Designs offers an uncommon cure to freshening up your home design with a focus on fireplace remodeling. Think about it—when's the last time you really looked at your fireplace? It's supposed to be the focal point of your family room, and when it starts to be just another spot, it's time to consider a remodel. Hammil's article offers suggestions on where to start when considering remodeling, from choosing your style, considering a wide variety of design elements, and working with sales associates to make your vision turn into reality.

Is Your Fire Pit Cover Ready for an Upgrade?
Fire pit covers don't last forever, unfortunately, and yours may need to be upgraded if it has been in use for some time. The cover is an important accessory, since it provides much-needed protection weather, debris and animal pests. Find out why a cloth cover may be the best choice, whether you have one custom made or choose a generic model. The right cover will help to protect the fire pit longer and will help to preserve it so you don't need to repaint or replace it as often.

Get Tips for Hiring a Roofer Here
A homeowner who is looking for a roofer may not know how to find a qualified individual to perform the work, and this site suggests word of mouth as a good method for finding the right person. A list of questions to ask each individual or company under consideration has been provided so that homeowners have a good basis for comparison.

FixItChicks Offers Tools, Tips and Advice for the Canadian Female DIY Guru in the Family
Canadian women looking for advice on home renovation and repair start here on this site—it's an online catalog for a variety of workshops. There's basic home repair, which includes lessons in electrical and plumbing skills. Additional topics include decorating, car care, building—even welding!

You Can Install Replacement Glass and Windows—This Site Shows You How
Window installation professionals don't have to corner the market—you too can install your own replacement glass and windows. If your home improvement or renovation project includes new windows, this site is a great reference tool when it comes to doing it yourself. It includes instructions and tips on the process and includes a schematic that details just what is what on your window—great for novices. Scroll down and you'll find additional tips and advice removing old glass and putty from window casings, and on home improvement projects such as ductwork and hot water heating systems.

Get Plans for Mobile Workbenches, Plank-Top Benches, Woodworking Benches, and More
Visitors to the site can check out various workbench designs here. From garage workbenches to adjustable workbenches and ones made to be used in garages, you can find ideas that you can use. You can check out a free sample of the EZ Bench Planner software before you buy it.

Home Design and Architecture Inspiration at Your Fingertips
Considering a major home renovation or remodeling project? Even if it's just a little redecorating bug, this site will help you accomplish your dream of a redesigned or decorated home. has a special feature—Design Assistant—that includes thousands of photos that will visually inspire you when embarking on a remodeling project. You'll find seasonally-appropriate articles on decorating, great how-to videos, online calculators to help you determine how much material you'll need for a project and a "Solutions" section that covers subjects such as budget decorating, storage, step-by-step projects and small space issues.

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