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10 Great Tips in Bathroom Renovations
This post at was written by Karen Cole Banack and Melody Duron. The article starts by emphasizing that an efficient bathroom should satisfy the users' needs, physically and spiritually. Banack and Duron have reminders before buying fixtures such as toilet, sink, bath tub, and mirrors. Tip # 3 focused on the different types of bathroom floorings, while Tip # 5 is about maximizing space. The rest of the tips are about installing a shower area, providing sufficient lighting, and adding some luxury items to make the bathroom look elegant. This includes putting a TV, exercise equipment, or anything that can add relaxation.

Personalizing Your Bathroom
If you are inspired by photographs of beautiful personalized bathroom remodeling and redecorating, than this site is for you. The photos on this site speak for themselves. Start with hand-pained flowers starting above the bathroom mirror and then flowing down the walls. Next is a faux finish cabinet, followed by details of the flower designs and examples of the flow designs used to cover the towel closet and a beautiful niche. The designs are intended to inspire you into finding ways to liven up and beautify your bathroom with a little paint, a little time and possibly a little skill. It would be possible for a less talented artisan to achieve a similar effect using modern stencils. Get inspired—let your mind flow!

Aging in Place Bathroom Planning Guide
If you have elderly people living with you, you should make sure they are safe and comfortable in every area in your house especially the bathroom. If you will follow this comprehensive guide from, the first factor to be considered is space. This space should be wide enough to accommodate people on wheelchairs. Toilets should also be on a proper height. Buying a seat extender will add comfort, while installing grab bars is for the safety. On the other hand, bathtubs and showers should also be easy to access. Installing an adjustable shower head and shower seats will provide additional convenience for seniors. There are also safety tips about sinks, cabinets, doors, and flooring.

Bathroom Remodeling Architectural Plans
A sample bathroom-remodeling project is outlined with room drawings and accompanying text to depict the transformation. The moderately sized sample bathroom has insufficient closet space, particularly accessible for guests to access for personal, bathroom amenities. A dimensioned and annotated floor plan in a line drawing of interior space is included. The remodeling project includes chopping the lavatory countertop in half and installing in a bathroom closet. The plan is modified to obtain maximum bathroom space, and the next phase takes place. An angled lavatory is explored, but the final product included moving the toilet, adding a closet and shifting a bathroom wall.

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