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Real Estate Investing Through REITs
This article from The Balance provides an overview of the role of the Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs in the real investment business. Before the 1960s, only wealthy individuals or large corporations had the financial muscle to make large-scale real-estate investments. As a means to provide real-estate investments opportunities to the ordinary people, REIT was formed in 1960 and later modified in 1999. The biggest advantage of REIT is that it allows the average real-estate investor to make huge profits from the booming real-estate market without taking the hassles of direct ownership. REITs enable the real-estate investor to have the properties managed by professional real-estate companies who know the ins and outs of the business.

Investing in the Hotel Industry
The fact that the American hotel industry has rebounded since 2013 is evident in this article from Investment U. Despite the 2008 financial crisis walloping the industry, tourism and in particular hotel industry has managed to bounce back. The revenue per room or REVPAR, an important metric for the hospitality industry, jumped by 10 percent in 2014 and has been rising ever since. In the financial years 2013-2014, the American hotels reported $17 billion to $25 billion worth of transactions. The beneficial effects of this trend have shown up in balance sheets, annual reports, and in hotel stocks. This article provides an in-depth analysis of blue-chip hotel stocks in the U.S.

The Blog
Presenting one of the most resourceful and well-respected networking platforms among the larger real-estate investment communities, the website is a one-stop learning and networking platform for real estate professionals, investors, homeowners, and other interested parties. With a current membership of 500,000+, this digital networking forum enables all who are interested in any aspect of the real-estate investment industry to share, teach, and learn from each other. The focused mission of this digital platform is to transform the real-estate investment industry, one investor at a time. Besides providing great networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, this platform also delivers very useful educational content via conferences, podcasts, and e-books.

Your Investment Property Magazine—Australian Real Estate
Your Investment Property is an authoritative webzine in the Australian real estate market sharing valuable information and guiding property owners all over Australia. This magazine stands apart from other publications in the industry because they conduct primarily data-driven research to guide the prospective real-estate investors. All articles or reports published by this magazine are backed by in-depth research and current market data. The property market experts who contribute to this magazine are real-estate market analysts with proven experience in a particular area of the real-estate investment business. Thus, smart property investors in Australia will find this magazine an indispensable resource for all their investment decisions.

Invest in the Ethiopian Hotel Industry?
The article from the Ethiopian Herald discusses the burgeoning hospitality and hotel industry markets in Ethiopia. With the phenomenal growth of the Ethiopian economy and the increased tourist interest observed in the recent years, the country's hospitality sector firing up for renewed expansion. The country is actively incentivizing investors in the tourism real estate markets to invest in chain hotels, with a mission to expand the three international hotel chains currently flourishing here. Ethiopia is still among the top 10 untapped African markets for international hotel chain development, and the country is making all efforts to change that.

7 Steps to a Hot Commercial Real Estate Deal
This Investopedia guide is meant for savvy real estate investors, who can recognize hidden opportunities behind apparent crisis. For example, according to a survey by Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services, about 51 percent real estate investors decided to increase their commercial real estate allocations during the 2008 credit crisis. This guide states that the seven steps to closing a commercial real estate deal are knowing what the insides know (research), mapping out a plan of action, recognizing a good deal, getting familiar with key commercial real estate metrics, locating motivated sellers, neighborhood farming, and tree-pronged evaluation of properties. As human communication controls all business deals, the bottom line is really building relationships with property owners, so they can trust you as an investor.

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