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Garage and Storage on
This series of articles brought to you by is primarily concerned with garage storage. Get tips on organizing the garage and storage areas. Gain the ability to find items in storage once they are needed. Maybe you'll even compact the stuff in the garage enough to drive your car in and shut the door. Articles include how to set aside a garage clean up day and actually make it fun for the whole family. Learn how to store seasonal clothes properly so they are bug and dirt free when you need them again. How to organize a garage sale, how to clean a garage, starting with the stains on the concrete and working your way up from there. There are tons of tips from a variety of experts on organizing and cleaning your garage and even your attic.

How to Declutter Your House
Decluttering is being seen as a three-part solution. The first one is preparation, followed by the decluttering tools, and then the questions you can ask to yourself. For the preparation, there are eight tips which include choosing a mantra that will serve as your goal. A good example of decluttering tools is a laundry basket to minimize time in going back and forth if there is so much clutter. For the questions, some of them are, Should I keep this, or donate it or throw it away? and Is it a gift I don't want or need?. And then, you need to maintain a clutter-free house, and guidelines are provided for this, from setting rules to using a shopping list, from scheduling regular cleanings to practicing mindful consumption, from finding new uses for older items to donating, selling or recycling them.

What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home
While it is good that you know how to declutter your home, it is also important that you know what you should not do. According to decluttering guru Nicole Anzia, donít buy anything without organizing your space yet. She also suggests not spending the entire day to declutter the entire house to avoid being burnt out, and to complete a task before starting another one. Finally, donít be upset when you failed to declutter on a regular basis and donít aim for perfection.

Free Yourself From Clutter
Free Yourself From Clutter is provides services in estate sales, clutter cleaning and home sales. The site has an information section that helps people learn how to let go of 'too much stuff'—papers, clothes, and other paraphernalia—as a pathway to greater productivity, effectiveness, creativity, spontaneity, vitality and peace. Cleaning clutter clears a pathway to personal well being, authentic communication with others, and a connection to the natural flow of life. Instead of a one-time event, cleaning clutter is a daily practice that can be fun and add buoyancy to being alive. Michelle Passoff, author of Lighten Up: Free Yourself from Clutter, offers services, a schedule of classes, and contact information.

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