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All About Calcium on
Everybody knows that calcium is an important nutrient that supports teeth and bone development. According to this article from, the most popular source of calcium in the United States is milk and dairy products, but not a lot of people know that dairy is also a source of saturated fat, and is one of the most common allergens. The article also mentions studies that showed a link between dairy intake and increased rates of bone fracture, premature death, heart disease and cancer. Calcium supplements, on the other hand, appear to increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, and death.

Top 15 Calcium-Rich Foods by Healthline
Healthline is one of the fastest growing consumer health information sites, providing health facts, statistics, and tips to its readers. In this article, health coach and nutritionist Kerri-Ann Jennings, MS, RD touches upon the importance of calcium in the body. The article also states that a large number of people do not get enough calcium in their diet. A great many people believe that dairy is a great source of calcium, but what many do not know is that calcium can be found in other foods such as seeds, sardines, canned salmon, beans, lentils, almonds, whey protein, rhubarb, and leafy greens.

Calcium and Vitamin D for Every Age
Calcium offers many benefits to the body. It is found in abundance in the bones and the teeth, but calcium is utilized every day and people lose calcium through the shedding of hair and nails, as well as through waste removal. Inadequate calcium intake would force the body to take calcium from the bones, leading to bone loss. This resource lists the amount of calcium people need according to their age and sex, offers a link to a calcium calculator, and mentions good sources of calcium. It also discusses the role of vitamin D in calcium absorption, how much vitamin D is needed by the body, good sources of vitamin D, and the effects of vitamin D deficiency.

The Nutritional Role of Calcium, Vitamins, and Minerals
This article, which is divided into three sections, discusses in an easy-to-understand way how important calcium, vitamins, and minerals are to human health. The first section gives an introduction to the article. The second section provides information on the benefits of calcium, the recommended daily calcium intake, foods that provide calcium, and how inadequate calcium intake can lead to osteoporosis. The third section discusses what vitamins and minerals are, contrasts fat and water-soluble vitamins, lists down foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals and explains why vitamin supplements are sometimes necessary.

The Role of Calcium in Preventing Osteoporosis in Women
Because osteoporosis threatens 28 million Americans - 80 percent of them women -- according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, this site explains the benefits of calcium supplements and the role calcium nutrition plays in women's health. It includes information on how to prevent osteoporosis, which includes eating calcium rich foods, taking a calcium supplement (such as coral calcium or calcium magnesium supplements) and getting plenty of exercise.

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