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40 Best Home Decorating Tips That Can Help You Save Money
Decorating your home doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money. This 40 brilliant tips at explain it all. First, there are a lot of free resources of ideas online. Second, it is very important that you know your budget even before you start collecting ideas. To save money, buying quality furniture items in highly recommended than buying the cheap ones but you have to replace it from time to time. There are also many do-it-yourself projects that are not as difficult as you think. You can also use your artistic imagination mind in painting walls, instead of buying expensive wallpaper. The other tips are about being creative in decorating every part of the house in a very affordable way.

Decorating Tips and Ideas from Lowes Home Improvement Center
Lowes Home Improvement Centers always have lots of helpful tips and ideas on home decorating. Articles change from time to time, but right now you can learn how to build a window seat and paint an interior room. Every article is helpful and filled with step-by-step detail and instructions. Additional home decorating articles include an exhaustive kitchen cabinet buying guideline, a paint project checklist, and a link to a book for women entitled Dare to Repair. From the Dare to Repair link there are two complete and helpful articles, one on plumbing and the other on how to repair a hot water heater. While this site may not be heavy on home decorating, per se, the valuable tips and helpful advice on home restoration will be useful for almost any home decorating project.

24 DIY Home Decor Projects
Decorating your house all by yourself is not really that complicated. If you want to give it a try, here are 24 DIY home decor projects from This includes Butterfly Cloches, Embroidered Wall Art, Vintage-Globe Light, Patterned-Paper Clock, Embroidery-Hoop Photo Frames, String-Art Trophies, Paint-Stick Lampshade, Cross-Stitch Wall Art, Paper Quilt and many more. Each project comes with a photo and simple steps on how you can re-create them. Some of them even have an estimate price of the materials you need, and these items can easily be purchased online and local stores.

Home Décoring on DMOZ
The DMOZ directory contains links to websites about painting tips and ideas, the art of Feng Shui, kitchen and dining room decorations, wallpapering tips and ideas, home office decorating ideas, kids rooms decorating ideas, flooring designs and fixtures. A huge array of individual articles and how-to's about making tie-backs for curtains, wicker baskets, hardwood floor care, decorating solutions for renters, framing, stenciling, how to paint furniture, sewing duvet covers, decorating in country style, remodeling kitchens, how to lay ceramic tiling, creating a garden room and making slipcovers and lampshades.

Autumn and Fall Decorating
Do you find Autumn and Fall inspiring? Don't you just love the colors? Wouldn't you like tips and hints on ways of brightening up your house and making it look more festive with each season? Click on Free Projects and you will find topics such as Candle Making, Faux Finishing, Canopy Beds, Decorative Painting, Sewing, Wall Art, Lamps and Lighting, and a lot more. Click on any of the topics and you will be directed to dozens and dozens of helpful articles. Learn Decorating Secrets, Decorating Ideas, Decorating Articles, Tips and Hints and so much more. If you are interested in decorating, finding this site will be like finding the Rosetta Stone of decorating.

Make Large Bean Bag Chairs from Pillowcases
If you are looking for materials to make big bean bag chairs for your home, your linen closet can provide a solution. Four of them can give you enough fabric to make bean bag chairs that you can place in children's rooms or in your TV room. Detailed instructions are provided so that you can complete you project quickly and easily.

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