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History of Ping Pong
Like many other sports, table tennis began as a mild social diversion. Descending, along with lawn tennis and badminton, from the ancient medieval game of tennis. It was popular in England in the second half of the nineteenth century under its present name and various trade names such as Gossima and Whiff-Whaff. After the name Ping-Pong (an imitation of the sound made by the ball striking the table and the vellum bats that were used) was introduced by J. Jaques and Son, the game became a fashionable craze. There are many contemporary references to it and illustrations of it being played, usually in domestic surroundings. Modern table tennis at national and international level is a rigorous as any sport in its demands for the highest degree of physical fitness and mental concentration, attained only by arduous training to develop natural skill. Fred Perry, World Men's Singles Table Tennis Champion in 1928-29, later achieved even greater fame at Wimbledon; perhaps it would not be quite true to say that he moved to the larger court when his play became too slow for the table, but it is certainly true that no sport requires faster reactions and more delicate muscular co-ordination than table tennis.

The Austin Air Hockey Association
This site is aimed primarily at serious air hockey players in the Austin area. Obviously Austin takes its air hockey seriously, and if air hockey is important to you then you will be interested in the player profiles, the extensive list of local tournaments, photos of local players and tournament play, and a list of virtually every place in Austin where you can play air hockey. Additionally this site contains a list of national air hockey resources and a list of links to other air hockey sites around the world. You can also join their mailing list for free. If you're an "air head", especially a fan who lives in the Austin area, then this is a site you'll want to visit often.

Everything Foosball
This website includes information about the Tornado Foosball World Championships, located in Dallas, Texas. Otherwise, visitors can learn about foosball, including how to play foosball, and talk to other foosball fans. Videos are also included, as is a foosball question and answer hub, foosball resources and links, and results from major foosball events.

On the Wire
This is a billiards publication magazine that provides information for pool players and people in the billiards business. Site includes billiards TV listings, pool fun and games, billiard history, pool tournament results, a pool showroom, new pool products and shopping information. The store carries every accessory imaginable including pool clothing, cases, tip shapers, scuffers, polishers, chalk and chalkers, pool table lights, table covers, bridge adaptors, and pool racks.

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