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Resources on D.I.Y. Lighting Projects

Home Improvement Lighting
This is a site for the Do-It-Yourselfer. This site has a wide range of articles describing in detail how to design and install a wide variety of light in all parts of the house and grounds. There are articles on choosing and properly installing undercounter lights, track lighting, installing a dimmer switch, designing and installing wiring and lighting for a deck or patio, articles on how to properly light your garden and yard and even articles on buying, installing and using solar lighting. There are several articles on designing and installing yard lights, porchlights, low voltage lighting, sensor lights, shop lights, rope lights, landscape lights, outdoor security lights, even vanity lights in your bathroom. This site covers different types of lights and which type is best for which application, how to repair faulty lighting, and even tips on how to purchase lighting and stay within a budget. If you are into do-it-yourself lighting projects, this site is a must-see.

How To Make Your Own Lamp
Courtesy of Blacktable.com, this article provides entertaining instructions on how to create your own table lamp from a simple electric blender or just about anything you have in your home.

Lampshade Books
A recommended list of books about lighting concepts. Includes the following titles: How to Make Your Own Lamps & Lampshades, Lampshades: Technique & Design, Decorating Makeovers: More than 150 Easy Projects for Furniture, Floors & Walls, Lighting & Accessories and Lampshades, Simple & Advanced. Links lead to information about how to purchase lampshade books.

You Must Be Able to See in Order to be Seen
The members of a small band find themselves playing in dark corners more often than they are comfortable with, so the problem becomes how do they build a portable lighting grid that not only allows them to see what they are doing, but which allows the audience to see them in a flattering light as well? The information found on this site can be adapted to a number of lighting needs. Such things as size and type of bulbs, the proper indoor lighting fixtures to secure the bulbs, transporation of the system and the bulbs for maximum efficiency, plus bulb color, proper lighting height, and a discussion of the proper controller or dimmer for low voltage lighting. The site ends with a discussion of the proper cables and the final prices for the completed lighting grid.

Exclusive Articles on Lighting
Cornerhardware.com is a simply designed website loaded with articles on lighting, as well as other aspects of home improvement. With titles like "How to Replace a Light Socket", "How to Install a Dimmer witch", and "How to Install Recessed Lighting", the novice do-it-yourselfer will find instructions highlighted with easy-to-understand diagrams. Track lighting and light switches are also covered.

For more, please see DIYLightingProjects.com

Or view resources on home lighting design.


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